• Engage and Grow Customers

    FICO helps businesses develop successful customer centric strategies in the face of constantly changing consumer habits, economic conditions, and regulatory environments. Through deep analytics, predictive models, and multi-channel communications, FICO helps you identify who to target, what to offer, when to offer, and how to communicate to build more profitable customer relationships.

  • Manage Debt

    FICO® Debt Management Solutions deliver powerful predictive analytics, advanced customer engagement capabilities, optimization, and speech analysis as separate modules or a complete end-to-end system. It is a comprehensive solution that helps collection teams collect more while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

  • Prevent Fraud

    To fight fraud effectively, it takes a fast, flexible, and holistic approach, and the right combination of fraud management tools, services, and analytics. FICO’s superior fraud management tools and unrivaled analytics are now available as a service.


  • Build an Analytical Application

    Empower your organization by quickly and easily developing and deploying an analytically-powered application.

  • Build a Modeling Service

    Analytic Modeler provides robust machine learning algorithms within a simple, easy-to-use interface for business analysts.

  • Build a Decision Service

    Decision Modeler is a state-of-the-art business and decision rules engine for creating and managing business engagement rules and logic.

  • Build an Optimization Service

    Based on the industry leading optimization solution, Optimization Modeler brings best-in-class optimization technology to the cloud.

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