Enterprise grade

» Security

Multi-layered security controls that span physical security procedures and stringent certifications including PCI-DSS.

» Business Continuity

Configured for ongoing operations with 99.9+% availability and geographically dispersed data replication.

» Data Protection

Two-factor authentication, encrypted data transmissions, and dedicated operations teams.

» Collaboration

Work with others to create predictive models, develop optimized strategies, and deliver robust applications.

 Trusted analytics, the agility of the cloud

A wide range of cloud services used to develop and deliver analytics applications.

Decision Management Suite

Easily assemble and deliver analytics applications in the secure FICO Analytic Cloud.

Deploy analytics models up to 90% faster than legacy development cycles. Publish analytics services with the push of a button.

Develop new applications 70% faster with reusable components. Seamlessly integrate predictive analytics, business rules, and optimization strategies.

Reduce internal maintenance costs by up to 60%. Focus on using software rather than maintaining it. Lower your TCO and access the latest features without manual upgrades.

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FICO cloud applications are for business leaders looking to improve the accuracy of everyday decisions. Many of our market leading applications are now available in the cloud and ready for rapid delivery.

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