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Decision Management Suite

Move advanced analytics out of the lab and into front line applications by coordinating analytic models, business logic, and optimization techniques in the cloud. Data scientists and application developers can now connect to a variety of analytics services and develop robust decision management applications faster than ever before.

Decision Modeling

Create and manage application logic and rules that capture your business priorities. Publish services that can be called by existing applications or develop entirely new applications for precise execution of your decision strategies.

Predictive Analytics

The FICO Analytic Cloud supports every step of the analytics development cycle, from business strategy to application delivery. Our authoring tools are designed to help business analysts and data scientists publish analytics services used to anticipate future behaviors and improve the accuracy of front-line decisions.


Optimization analytics are a part of our everyday lives. While they remain invisible to most people, these algorithms are working behind the scenes to drive smarter decisions by solving incredibly complex problems. From individualized marketing campaigns, to transportation logistics, to scheduling professional sports league seasons, optimization is increasingly used to help people review options, balance constraints, and achieve their goals.

Learn how people are using optimization analytics in the cloud for “what-if” simulation and deploying production models faster than ever before.


How to optimize business decisions:

Cloud Service Delivery

FICO® Decision Management Suite:

The FICO® Analytic Cloud allows developers to manage analytic, optimization, and decision services as re-usable solution components. These services reside on the FICO® Decision Management Platform where they can be quickly integrated and made available to a wide range of applications, from consumer touch points to back-end operations.