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Illustrate the decision making process.

Consistent, repeatable results

For organizations making thousands of customer-facing decisions each day the web of inputs and outputs can become incredibly complex. The Object Management Group’s (OMG) recently published Decision Modeling & Notation (DMN) standard is designed to help organizations better express the data, business knowledge, and workflows that form their decision-making process.

A new, easier approach

As a contributor to the development of this new standard, we designed FICO® DMN Modeler to help organizations craft Decision Requirements Diagrams as well as specify their decision logic using an expression language. This helps maintain consistency and support regulatory compliance by re-using decision models and decision logic throughout an organization. Codifying and articulating a decision making process has never been easier. FICO® DMN Modeler is now available for free to registered users of the FICO® Analytic Cloud. This complimentary offer lets you:

  • Export models as XML or Blaze Advisor projects

    Export decision models as XML files, and import them into third party modeling platforms – or into Blaze Advisor to execute models in the industry’s leading decision engine.

  • Import XML schemas for type definition

    Refer to and import XML schemas for model consistency.

  • Lower the operational costs of developing and maintaining disparate decision processes

    Align with OMG’s DMN standard and realize operational improvements

  • Expedite time-to-market of new decision processes

    Achieve true model-based development and superior compliance with the DMN standard.

Start achieving greater transparency and stronger management of your decision structures. Register now to get started.

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FICO® DMN Modeler helps you explore decision-making workflows and optimize the business processes that use decision models.

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