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World-class decision rules management in the cloud.

The Freedom to Adapt

FICO® Decision Modeler brings the power of FICO® Blaze Advisor® decision rules management system to the cloud. You can now use business terms, not programming, to create decision rules and publish the rule sets as independent decision services. This means you can maintain, edit, and control policies from your browser without impacting other services used elsewhere in your workflow. With Decision Modeler you get:

  • High performance decision execution without desktop installation
  • Flexible and multi-faceted rules editors for business users
  • Purpose-built code editors for technical users
  • Support for multiple data formats
  • Strong testing and lifecycle management processes
  • One-click service publishing

Try Decision Modeler 2 free for 30 days. In addition, you’ll have access to tutorials and a fully functional sample decision service to get you started.


Accessibility & Integration

Once your decision service is ready for publishing the FICO Decision Management Platform provides support capabilities such as service deployment, provisioning, scalability, and authentication. These shared services eliminate tedious development tasks and greatly accelerate the time to value of your solution.

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