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FICO® Xpress Optimization is the most complete set of Optimization software on the market. It provides industry leading support for Optimization Technology users, such as Operations Researchers, Data Scientists and Solution Developers.


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Supporting a broad range of FICO Xpress Solutions:

In addition, FICO® Xpress Optimization supports a number of different packaged software solutions, focused on solving a particular business problem or types of business problems, for use by Business Analysts or Business Users:

Why not try out the different types of FICO® Xpress Solution:

Framework Solutions

Solutions for business problems where FICO has completed many projects, so have been able to create a standard solution which is configured through the user interface. These include FICO® Decision Optimizer which solves discrete decision assignment problems, outputting optimized decision strategies as Decision Trees.

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Start your free 60-day trial of FICO® Decision Optimizer.

Templated Solutions

Solutions for business problems where FICO has completed a number of projects, so have been able to define a best practice template which defines the optimization model, user interface and reporting features for developing the solution, which can be customised to specific needs.

Custom Solutions

Solutions for new business problems or where the client requires a highly customized solution. FICO uses a standard iterative design process to define requirements, which then feeds into the Optimization Model development, and User Interface & Report configuration, which is undertaken collaboratively with the client’s users.

Access a number of example solutions focused on Marketing Offers, Alternative Deal Structures, Collections Placements & Energy Pricing business problems.

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