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Data-driven strategies for solving high-value problems.

Design better strategies, faster

The process of creating effective business rules is both an art and a science. It’s a balancing act. After all, high-value problems are rarely focused on a single objective. In reality, we search for common ground between intertwined business priorities and limitations. Consider the balance of risk levels versus revenue goals in a credit granting strategy or the creation of micro-segmented mailing lists constrained by a fixed campaign budget. In these scenarios, it’s the balance of multiple objectives and associated treatments that provide a distinct advantage.


Try Decision Tree Professional free for 30 days. During this evaluation period you can explore a FICO-provided dataset and develop data-driven strategies that satisfy competing objectives. 

Consistent execution

Decision Tree Professional lets analysts evaluate and visualize multiple objectives while assigning actions and developing business rules that consider competing business objectives simultaneously. The results are better strategies that can be implemented on the front lines faster than ever before.

Overview of Decision Tree Professional:

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